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Eyes Up! Drone Services

Providing Aerial Data for Critical Infrastructure, Utilities, Emergency Services and other Agencies, Utilizing State-of-the-Art Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS)


Drones can inspect Dams, Power Lines and Towers, Wind Turbine Blades, and many other objects and structures. Your human assets are safe on the ground until a need is identified.


More videos can be found here.


Safely deploying human climbers or hikers takes time and preparation. Safely deploying a drone takes much less time, and therefore allows more inspections / data collection operations to be completed per day.

More videos can be found here.


The majority of routine inspections don’t involve actually “fixing” anything; so you’re putting your valuable employees in harm’s way just to find out or confirm that “there’s nothing wrong”. Instead, deploy a Drone for a quick look; not only is it cheaper than deploying a human crew, but you’ll get invaluable video and photographic footage that you can archive and compare, then use for baselines and trending.

More videos can be found here.

Eyes Up! Drone Services

Hi! My name is Bill Hagen. I’m the Chief Pilot and Owner of Eyes Up! Drone Services.


FOR AS LONG as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about space and flight. Unfortunately, I’ve always had the dreaded condition of motion sickness, so I’ve had to resort to “other” methods to get my flight fix! In the mid ’80s a friend at college introduced me to Radio Control gliders. Fascinating! Flight and Space simulators have been such an amazing invention, and a part of my life since the late ’80s. In the early ’90s another friend introduced me to Radio Control airplanes with gas motors. Fast forward to the present, and drones have taken it up a notch…or ten!

Along the way, I developed a passion for IT, and have worked in that field for 27 years. Technology and drones go hand-in-hand, so naturally I’m hooked!


TODAY, I’m building a business to provide Aerial Data Acquisition Services (drone videos and photos) to federal, state, local, and tribal government agencies, as well as power companies, gas companies, and various individual corporations. These are exciting times, and I’m proud of the work I’ve done to prepare myself to provide these services!

  • FAA Certified Part 107 Remote Pilot
  • FAA Authorized to fly the entire Class D airspace around KRDD
  • All equipment and flights are insured
  • Safety is Priority One
  • Preferred vendor in the City of Redding
  • Registered with the federal government to bid on contracts
  • Fluent with current regulations surrounding drones and the drone industry
  • I love what I do!

I LOOK FORWARD to helping you not only save time and money, but – more importantly – gather data that you couldn’t gather before…data that will help your company or agency make better decisions.  Thank you for visiting my little slice of the Inter-Webs!


Please use the connect form below to reach out to me, and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

BTW, the photos on this site were taken – safely and legally – by my awesome Autel Robotics X-Star Professional drone. My beautiful 12 year old daughter took the picture of my safety vest with my Samsung Note 5. 🙂